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Venus Van Gogh

- SWA 11377XE -


MELBourne BASED | Fly me to you

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Why, hello there...

Welcome to my hedonistic heaven where divine creatures roam in pursuit of the sweet carnality of mortal sin. I'll be your guide on this grand voyage through pleasure, indulgence and passion.


May I take your coat? Perhaps the rest of your clothes as well?


It's wonderful to have you here.

I can tell you're the kind of discerning gentleman who simply wants the absolute best. You're kind, hard working and you deserve to treat yourself by spending time with someone who will make you feel desired and invigorated.

You're after the kind of memorable woman who will add some excitement to your life. A woman like me.

During board meetings you'll find your mind wandering to the bittersweet memory of my lips kissing you softly and passionately... my hands exploring every inch of you... my tongue doing that thing that makes you sigh "oh... my... goddess!"

Perhaps you're imagining me right now...

Stark naked on the conference table in front of everyone, legs spread, on all fours, ready for you to take me.

Maybe I'm waiting for you back at your desk, in a short skirt, the top button of my blouse undone, my panties thrown at your feet when you arrive. You bend me over, pull my skirt up and have your way with me right then and there...

Oh my! Wouldn't that be cheeky? And that brings us to our first stop!


Sensual Pleasures

A delectable and indulgent choice of bespoke experiences.

I crave you...


Now that you know what's on offer... let's enjoy the sights.

My body is a temple for worshippers of the bountiful and full-figured. A wonderland of mountains and valleys for lovers of curves. Reminiscent of classical paintings and sculptures, my tall hourglass figure is something to be relished slowly and savoured again and again. My natural G cup breasts all in proportion with my Amazonian frame and luscious derriere will have you hypnotised by the way I ooze sex appeal as I move and breathe. I know exactly how to dress with class for my exquisitely feminine shape and carry myself with an alluring sense of confidence.

Just look at me...


But wait, there's more!

I know that you yearn for more than a pretty face, juicy figure, and dirty mind. Sex is always better when there's a connection with a warm and genuine person blessed with a spark of intelligence and a sense of humor.

You want a real and engaging person to stimulate more than just your body.

Now that we've arrived at Planet Venus, you can find out more about me!

I know what you're thinking.

I can't possibly be as wonderful as I describe!

Well, you've heard it from me, now read what other valued lovers like yourself have to say about their time with me.



"...Venus can light up and breathe life into a room with her presence, has a great relaxed and genuine personality and is so damn sexy. Honestly, her pics are great, but don't do her justice because so much of her sex appeal is in her eyes and the way she interacts in person... All those times she had given me a nearly explosive lap dance just hadn't prepared me for the level of sheer enthusiasm and raw sexual chemistry I would experience when strip club rules and cameras were no longer in the way. This woman is TROUBLE of the best kind." - Nick, Jan 2020

"...Venus is a class act... can confidently say she's a rare diamond... That mouth will blow your mind in more ways than one and that luscious heavenly voluptuous figure is to die for. Could watch her eat oysters naked in my bed all day... I've learned so much and grown as a person thanks to her companionship." - Mark, Dec 2019

" exceptional young lady and a professional through and through...I would highly recommend you see Venus if you are seeking someone who is reliable, delivers on her promises, likes to have fun too and is fantastic in and out of bed." - Mr L, Oct 2019


The final stop!

Below is everything you need to know about organising and making a time with me. I operate with complete transparency and professionalism and I appreciate your compliance with my carefully thought out, simple and efficient process. 


Essential Info

Please ensure you have read and understood each of the links below BEFORE making contact. That way you can ensure you're comfortable with my requirements and know everything you need to know so you don't waste your own time and effort contacting someone you're not logistically compatible with. These are solid boundaries and I don't make exceptions for anyone. Any requests for info will be directed right back here.

Let's Meet!

If you've made it this far...

I really appreciate that you've taken the time to read and do your research. I understand that it's a lot to take in and hope you can appreciate the fact that I've taken the time to lay it out simply and clearly for you.

I appreciate that my clientele continue to put their faith in me and make the choice to spend their hard earned income on my companionship.

I'm 100% about transparency and hope that you can rest assured that you're in the hands of a professional who values their business reputation and their clientele as well as the connections and friendships that develop between us as people. I'm not going to run off with your deposit or spring random policy out of thin air on you during or right before our date. I really look forward to spending time with you and giving you the best experience I possibly can!

V x