Lust for Life

Height: 175 cm (tall)

Body: Hourglass size 14 (soft and curvy but in proportion)

Shoe: Size 10

Dress style: Simple sophisticated dress and heels over pretty lingerie - but happy to don jeans and a tshirt if that's more your style

Tattoos: Two tattoos on my right ankle/calf. Aiming to get a few other small ones in discreet places.

Venus in a few words: nurturing, open-minded, worldly, total nerd, bread fiend, workaholic and sexy as hell!


Step outside of yourself and imagine the millions of tiny variables that had to align perfectly for us to end up here. Grasp the utter impossibility of two people crossing paths, engaging, connecting, and sharing an intimate moment. The tinkle of laughter, the fluttering of eyelids, bioelectrical impulses shooting along neural pathways, each physical sensation eliciting a chemical reaction... Feel the magic of what is about to happen. To understand that you and I are a product of millions of years of evolution, complex and intelligent organisms with a unique set of experiences, thoughts and feelings is an incredible thing. I am thoroughly intrigued by you, and yearn to get to know what drives and stimulates you. To passionately and sensually undress you in body and spirit. To offer a safe space in which you can feel and be yourself.

When we meet, you'll quickly find out that I'm a well-spoken and warm individual who insatiably indulges in laughter, food and all things that stimulate the senses. While wonderfully down to earth, my formal studies in history, neuroscience and creative writing as well as my world travels allow me to bring a multi-faceted perspective to the conversational table. I feel just as at home in a fine dining establishment as I do in my favourite hole in the wall eatery, and am as thrilled to stay in cooking, listening to Bowie, playing video games and watching Star Trek as I am to running amok and spending a luxurious or wild night on the town. I live for weekends away in wine & spa country, so consider me your perfect partner in wine!


My career as a sex worker is an escape from the daily grind of running my own photography and media services business. This isn't my primary occupation or income which means my choice to engage in the sex industry is not one born out of necessity, but of pleasure and enjoyment. Some of my favourite experiences have been with the lovers I've met as an escort and I am utterly and totally indebted to the industry for showing me a part of life and humanity not many have the opportunity to see. My experience over the last 6 and a half years means I've learned when and where to be selective in order to have a mutually enjoyable experience with lovers. Respect and etiquette from your very first interaction are key if you would like to spend time with me.

I simply adore spending upwards of 4 hours together, passionately getting lost in a deep and intimate session, or the sweet ecstatic pleasure of indulging in the unrushed luxury of an overnight affair. My lovers are usually people seeking longer-term and regular affairs with someone they can call a friend as well as a lover. They often remark at how sensual, passionate and engaging I am to spend time with in and out of the bedroom.

As an empath, I just want to make you feel good and hone in on what it is that makes you writhe in pleasure. I'm always open to instruction and love a communicative partner. Mutual satisfaction is the name of the game with me, and you'll find that I'm delightfully responsive when given some thought. You can always expect a positive and slightly cheeky attitude, to be treated with kindness, and to feel truly and utterly desired in my presence. I take very good care of those who value me as a person and treat me and my body with respect.

Reminiscent of classical paintings and sculptures, my tall hourglass figure is truly a work of art. A wonderland of mountains and valleys for lovers of curves. You will relish in my natural F cup breasts all in proportion with my Amazonian frame and luscious derriere. My strong thighs and long legs look heavenly in thigh high stockings and you'll be hypnotised by the way I ooze sex appeal as I move. I know exactly how to dress with class for my exquisitely feminine shape and hold myself with an alluring sense of confidence and mystique.

I would love to share our time together enjoying all of the things that make you feel the most liberated and blissful. Show me a little of your world or let me show you mine. I'm not afraid of what makes you unique. I'm not here to pass judgement on what you like, how you look, or how you express yourself. Take me to the restaurant you've been meaning to try. Pour me a glass of your favourite scotch. Educate me on the sport you follow. Lend me the book that changed your life. Dance with me to your most beloved song. Tell me something you've never shared with anyone before. Kiss me most passionately. Undress me most slowly. Film something raunchy with me. Watch my eyes light up when you moan while I tease you with my wicked tongue. Revel in making me sigh your name and my body convulse. Lay with me in the afterglow.

Let me be yours for an hour, a night, a weekend...

A Few of My Favourite Things

Genres: Sci-fi | Fantasy | History | Sociology | Psychology | Food


Foods/restaurants: Oysters & shellfish | Medium rare steak | Cheese platters | Asian | African | Creole & Texan BBQ |  Dexter | Rock Pool | Attica

Drinks/Bars: Pinot Noir & Spanish Reds | Sloe Gin | Charlie Chaplins | Eau De Vie | Lui Bar

Music: Slow Jazz, Fleetwood Mac, Prince, Bowie, Bon Iver, James Blake.

Hotels: Grand & Park Hyatt | Crown Towers | Emporium

Snack food: Chocolate Coated Pretzels | Olive sourdough w Lurpak butter | Red Rock Deli Chips

Lingerie/Clothing: Etsy | Bras N Things | Porte-à-Vie | Studio Pia | Tutti Rouge | Desvalido | Playful Promises

Date Ideas: Dinner/Lunch and Drinks | High Tea | Movie Dates | Going to a gallery | Seeing a theater show/music concert | Let's cook something delicious together | A weekend away in wine country | For a naughtier affair, a night on the town in some of my favourite bars and strip clubs and maybe even a stop at the casino!