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Being my own photographer and editor allows me the freedom to make art that satisfies me. My photo shoots are an outlet for my creativity as much as they are an advertising tool. It also means that I can control the amount of editing that goes into my images and in most cases a little skin smoothing and lighting correction is all that's needed. I am a tall and voluptuous size 14 and am absolutely proud to show off my body!

Divine Feminine

November, 2021 - This shoot was a bit of a break from the tradition of a lavish spread and beautiful country escapes. I had been planning this shoot for over a year and with the beautiful backdrop of Torquay's beaches I was able to explore the most complex, ambitious and high concept shoot of my career.  I endeavored to bring to life my idea of the Divine Feminine which I believe represents the virtue of all women in the duality of softness and strength that they possess.


I begin with lovely (yet very restrained  for me) beach picnic spread with Coffin Bay oysters (my favorite!), a beautiful fruit basket and light charcuterie to give your warmth, summer and fantasies of sweeping me off my feet to a romantic and indulgent tropical weekend away.


Then, I make a move into the irresistible exploration of  my namesake Venus - goddess of love and beauty - with a gorgeous high quality, printed silk, custom, hand-made corset as the feature, depicting Botticelli's Birth of Venus. Wearable art. As a life-long student of history my love affair with Roman/Greek mythology dates back to childhood and this was truly a personal and deep wish-fulfillment to be able to bring my own representation to life.

My love affair with this particular sect of mythology extends into my wide-eyed wonder for all things astronomy, for much of the planets, stars and comets are named after Roman mythological characters. To contrast the most feminine of the Gods with Jupiter, the masculine god of gods powered by lightning and strength and inspired by the recent beautiful close up pictures of Jupiter I found a swirling gown and a landscape to offer my interpretation. I encourage you to check out my twitter for the side by side comparison!

The white satin slip in the water is a tip off to The Odyssey with the concept of the Siren. A beautiful feminine presence that lures sailors to their doom with the Siren call - a little reference to my own vocal abilities. Though, I would like to think I lure men to pleasure...

Then we come to the editorial part of the shoot. I was channeling sports illustrated editorial with the white and yellow swimsuits. A little more light-hearted and fun to balance out all the deep and beautiful mythology.


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An Experiment In Light

October, 2021 - This mini self-shoot wasn't a particularly conceptual shoot. With the end of Melbourne 6th lock down fast approaching I wanted to get one more little project done without the distractions of life out of lock down. As we were approaching Halloween I went with a little theme of a bunny, but that's really as deep as it gets. I have my eye on some new lighting equipment, but while I prioritise other goals a little cellophane and dash of creativity helped me achieve this slinky little set by myself in my bedroom.

Tuscan Summer

Love & Lunch

March, 2021 - The inspiration for this shoot was a longing to revisit the ancestral motherland while we're all stuck in Australia thanks to the pandemic. Born in Australia to immigrant parents from Southern Italy, I was spoiled with delicious lunches of antipasti and home made pizza. Food, for me, is about stimulation. Food that can stimulate my memory and fill me with joyful nostalgia is perhaps one of the ultimate sensory experiences. Pairing that with sex and good company is next level, top tier invigoration and pleasure! These hungry eyes would love to share a beautiful afternoon or evening with you exploring these sensations.


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November, 2020 - This shoot was the beginning of my evolution into Venus Van Gogh (formerly Venus Rayne). For the first time, I really wanted to flex my creative muscles and throw myself into a project that was planned down to the detail over 10 months. The works of Lewis Carroll have inspired my imagination since childhood and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to play with the beautiful imagery and underlying themes of adventure and fantasy. After all, our bodies are a Wonderland for each other to explore!... perhaps even over a luxurious high tea for two!

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