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The Curator of Connection

Dating and intimacy coaching and services.

"I live in the realm of romantic possibility."

- Stevie Nicks

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Dating can be really daunting.

It's ok! I'm here to help.


I'm Venus and I will be your guide in your journey to successful dating and finding meaningful connections in an honest, yet kind and encouraging atmosphere. I am formally educated in creative writing, marketing and psychology. I have nearly a decade of experience in the adult industry, 4 years of marketing and photography experience and nearly 3 decades of life experience as a woman. Much of what I offer here is something I've been offering to my escorting clients for years to great success, but never truly formalised until now. I'm excited to venture on this journey with you!

I often hear people say that women have the advantage in the dating arena and the truth is, they do. This isn't because of some magical power or because society just isn't fair to men. It's because women are taught from birth that their worth lies in how they appeal to men, so they are socialised to learn how to market themselves in that respect. Society is so often frightened and confounded in relation to women's needs and desires that men often don't get this fundamental education on how to do the same.

As we continue to progress and the need for a romantic partnership for financial security becomes less and less relevant, women are more selective and they desire some of the effort that they exert in return from potential matches. It has nothing to do with lying or being unethical and everything to do with how you market the wonderful things you have to bring to the table, take pride in yourself and your appearance, and approach relationships with care and respect.

You do not have to be the best looking dude or filthy rich to find success in dating.

I can help with:
(Note: all offerings are optional!)

The marketing side of things

  • Setting up a compelling dating profile to get more matches! This includes photography and writing your bio.

  • Appearance, wardrobe and home and decor styling with in person shopping assistance.

  • Giving you social and communication strategies, date ideas and offering ways of finding dates that don't revolve around the internet.


The personal side of things

  • Addressing confidence and self-esteem issues.

  • Setting up realistic expectations and healthy strategies to coping with rejection.

  • Approaches to a balanced and healthy lifestyle curated around things that you enjoy.

  • Helping develop important life skills such as cooking, cleaning and managing finances.

  • Helping you identify your desires, goals and the type of person you are compatible with.

The intimate side of things

  • Lessons on anatomy, consent, safe sex and communication.

  • Helping you become in touch with your own sensuality

  • Teaching you how to touch, kiss and please your potential partners with a range of approaches and consideration for erectile issues.


The goal here is not to completely change you and who you are. You are worthy and you are wonderful just as you are and it's my job to help you see that. We all have things to work on, we are all constantly evolving and I want to see you become the best version of yourself. This is for the type of person who is willing to become fully invested in taking care of and pride in themselves - first and foremost! - and wants to find meaningful and fulfilling connections. You'll find that the former will often lead to the latter.



1 hour styling consult via zoom

Let's discuss aesthetic choices. You'll want perhaps 3-4 outfits for some variation.


2 hour photo shoot

We shoot in public, perhaps a mix of places like a bar or cafe and some outdoors areas that match your vibe. You'll get a mix of pro photos and photos taken on your phone for instant take-home content and so you also look casual and approachable. You get every image.

A thoughtful bio

We'll take a bunch of info about you and make it sound interesting. Something shorter for tinder and something more in-depth for other sites.



Zoom style consult

We discuss your style aspirations and I help you find examples of  items to purchase and pair online. This can also include shopping for decor and home appliances.

$200 /h


4 hours in person shopping assistance

Includes a 1 hour consult via zoom to discuss your style aspirations and time for me to independently create a mood board so we have a plan of attack. I will help you with selecting and pairing items, sizing, accessorising. This can also include shopping for decor and home appliances. All items are at your expense.




Zoom session

Let's chat about your goals, your skills and your limitations without judgement to find areas we can work on to help you become the best version of yourself and find greater success in dating.

$200 /h


2 hour in person session

Same as above, but we meet for coffee or drinks (at your expense).




2 hour in person session

Here we'll teach you the art of intimacy, sensuality and pleasuring your partner.



Dinner/Lunch date

Jumping straight in to the sexual side of things can be a bit daunting. You have the option to take me to dinner or lunch (at your expense) for 2 hours first to break the ice and settle the nerves a little before taking the plunge into 2 hours of intimacy.



A full 8 hour day with me as your guide.

This includes taking photos for your profiles, shopping assistance, personal coaching and chatting over dinner (at your expense) and ending the day with intimacy coaching. I'll also write your bio for you afterwards!



Follow ups

You are welcome to follow up with other appointment styles as often as you feel is necessary. I do insensitivise follow up full day packages if they occur with regularity.

2 sessions in a month get $500 off

$5500 total

Weekly sessions in a month get $2000 off

$10000 total

Get In Touch

Thanks for submitting! I'll get back to you within 7 days

Ts & Cs

I require at least 7 days notice to make an appointment, though as much notice as possible is best as I am often booked out a month ahead.

My hours are 9am-5pm for online services and 9am-8pm for in person services.

For in person sessions, a deposit between 20-50% is required to make an appointment. Full-prepayment is required when making your appointment for online sessions. Deposits and full-prepayments are non-refundable unless I must cancel and are transferable once only within 30 days of the orginal appointment with at least 48 hours notice. Less than 48 hours notice for a reschedule will result in the forfeiture of your deposit or full pre payment.

The remainder of payment for in person sessions is required up front in cash at the start of our session. I do not offer credit card facilities and I don't accept bank transfer on the day.

Please respect that there are strict boundaries between intimate and non-intimate session types. Any attempt to blur those boundaries will result in the immediate termination of our session with no refund. I am to be treated with the utmost respect as your teacher.

For intimacy sessions, I require screening information for private time. This includes your phone number, full photo ID if I am to host in Coburg OR proof of address or the hotel booking confirmation if you are hosting.

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