Exclusive Priority Arrangements

Want a more authentic experience with texting, sexting and calling privileges in between bookings and the convenience of having a partner who can work around your schedule, prioritise you and provide for your sexual and emotional needs without all of the complications of having to build and maintain a relationship?

This is one for the working man who wants someone to relax and connect with when he can find the time. This is one for the man who already has enough to manage and doesn't need the drama and expectations associated with dating and tinder and the pressure to commit. This is one for the generous man who is happy to compensate a beautiful woman and provide for her lifestyle in exchange for a consensual and honest no strings attached affair - with all the positive aspects of a relationship - that is mutually beneficial.

I won't pressure you to meet my friends and family. I won't nag you to put the toilet seat down. I wont complain that you pay more attention to your phone and work than you do to me. Think of me as your perfect paramour.

Monthly arrangements are paid in advance at the first date of each month. Your dates do not roll over if you haven't used them in the month, however I may be lenient in EXCEPTIONAL circumstances.

As per all bookings and arrangements, natural sex or uncovered genital to genital contact of any kind will never be on offer.


Monthly Priority Arrangements

You get the first pick on my availability and get a free subscription to my Onlyfans for regular sexy photos and clips to keep you thinking of my luscious body.

4 Hour Dinner/Lunch & Play Date

4 Dates $5,600 (save $400)

6 Dates $8,400 (save $600)

8 Dates $11,000 (save $1000)

6 Hour Dinner/Lunch & Play Date

4 Dates $8,000 (save $400)

6 Dates $12,000 (save $600)

8 Dates $15,500 (save $1300)

4 hours

4 Dates $7,000 (save $200)

6 Dates $10,500 (save $300)

8 Dates $13,500 (save $900)

Clock Free Day & Evening Date (up to 10 hrs)

3 Dates $8,500 (save $500)

4 Dates $11,000 (save $1000)

6 Dates $16,500 (save $1500)

Overnight 12 hours

2 Dates $6,500 (save $500)

3 Dates $9,500 (save $1000)

4 Dates $12,500 (save $1500)

2 Dinner Dates & 2 Overnights $9,000 (Save $1000)

Overnight 15 Hours

2 Dates $7,500 (save $500)

3 Dates $11,000 (save $1000)

4 Dates $14,500 (save $1500)

2 Dinner Dates & 2 Overnights $11,000 (save $1000)

24 hours

2 Dates $9,500 (save $500)

3 Dates $14,000 (save $1000)

4 Dates $18,000 (save $2000)

Monthly Exclusive Arrangements

Think of me as your weekend girlfriend - or whichever days of the week suit you! Have all of my romantic affections to yourself for the month -  I won't take on any other clients - and let's chat (naughty or otherwise) via txt, skype or over the phone daily if you like. OR if you don't have the time, I'm sure I can entertain myself while sending some solicited distraction - I'm here to work around you.

$20,000 option

 3 Dates of 48 Hours (save $2500)


6 Dates of 24 Hours (save $10,000)


6 Overnight Dates (save $4000)

$25,000 option

4 Dates of 48 Hours (save $5000)


8 Dates of 24 Hours (save $15,000)


8 Overnight Dates (save $7000)

Unfortunately I cannot offer up more than 2 days per week as I do have my full-time photography business to attend to. I am, however, happy to use some or all of the dates consecutively for, say, a holiday or multi-day trip with enough notice. I'm happy to throw in an extra day here or there during slow periods with photography too.