When I say I'm a foodie, I freakin mean it. Good food like good sex is one of the sensual pleasures that drives me most. During lock down the one thing that has saved my sanity most is throwing my time into making whatever it is my heart desires without being hindered by time constraints or a lack of energy as I might when I'm working on both businesses full time. While my heritage is Italian and I'm a sucker for nostalgia and playing with childhood favourites, I love making all sorts of cuisines and culinary delights. While I do indulge sometimes, I live for food that is healthy and nutritious. Grease is something you wont find in my kitchen. My twitter followers absolutely love when I share pictures and videos of it so I thought I'd have a little dedicated gallery on my website for those who haven't come across my twitter yet! Yes, I would love to cook for you please see my Dinner & Lunch Dates: Home-Cooked Edition below

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