The curve specialist...

I'm Venus and I'll be your photographer, videographer, editor and creative consultant on this journey to creating velvety, rich and romantic imagery destined to invoke a sense of intimacy and lust between you and your audience.

I'm known for my diverse portfolio, having worked with divine beings of all body types.

Whether your business is pleasure or visual... you're seeking to gift a lover with something they'll never forget... or you wish to memorialise the masterpiece that is you, for you... I offer a range of solutions.

As an adult industry professional for the last 7 years and an erotic photographer for over 3 years, I know eroticism. I understand that there are 100 million ways to say "I want you". It's my job to help you find the version that is uniquely you.

My formal studies in psychology, writing and media offer me an insight into how to market your brand in order to appeal to your desired demographic.

My books are open to everyone of any body type, gender, sexuality, race, age, and experience level in a safe, accepting and inclusive space.