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A Melbourne Escort's Guide for Couples

Updated: Jul 4

I love seeing couples! In my years as an independent Melbourne escort, I've seen many couples for their first or tenth rendezvous with an escort. It's a really exciting thing to be a part of; to be invited inside the private sex life of people who have sometimes been together for decades. Whether it's ticking off items from the bucket list, looking to spice things up or to explore sexual fantasies together, with permission, love and care - it's very special to be able to share these experiences with people who are very much in love. It takes an enormous amount of trust and deep devotion to venture on this journey together and I am honoured to have that trust placed in me to facilitate.

My role in our date is whatever you need it to be, but mostly I act as an accessory to a dynamic that is already well-established. A fresh perspective on a classic connection. I often introduce couples to toys they've never heard of before, kinks they've never thought to explore and to add fingers, vibrators and silicone appendages to heighten sensations from the periphery as you look each other in the eyes and reach for ecstasy together. Sometimes hubby or wifey and I will focus on the other together. Sometimes one of you just wants to watch. Sometimes we even get to focus on me. I'm not there to get in between you. I'm there to aid you and help you bring your fantasies to life.

Before booking a date with an escort, there are some things you might want to consider and discuss.


You and your partner will want to discuss what you're ok with before deciding to book an escort. Some couples aren't comfortable with kissing me. Some are ok with hands, tongues and fingers, but not ok with phallic penetration. Some are ok with me playing with one partner but not the other. All of these dynamics are great, but if you ask me my favourite and the dynamic that is the easiest and freest to have fun is where we're all in and can play equally with both partners. Doing things like kissing and cuddling are just a part of intimacy - and to be honest, while I am on board with whatever boundaries you need to set for your comfort, it does feel just a little dehumanising when those things are off limits and all I am is a hole or a vessel connected only at the hip, hand or tongue to make you feel good without the softness and sensuality to help foster a genuine and satisfying mutual connection between all of us.

Periods, Sex Drives, Mood and Back Up Plans

Sometimes the day of your date rolls around and for whatever reason either one of you isn't feeling too crash hot. One of you might get your period, one may be having a bout of insecurity, nerves, jitters or are having a bad mental health day. It's important to remember that while I'm a sex worker, sex itself is a very small part of my job. What I share is intimacy and there's so much more to intimacy than sex. So if it turns out that you're not really feeling turned on, feel uncomfortable and bloated, or aren't sure you actually want to go ahead with the physical side of things, there's no need to cancel our date. We can go at your pace and pivot our date to a vibe that suits you better.

Sensual things that aren't necessarily sexual may include massages, shared showers/baths, simply laying around naked together talking about life, cuddles, social time, etc. All of these things can help you dip your toes in and get you comfortable with another person in your space and might actually be the best approach for a first time date with an escort.

On a particular note with periods as this comes up a lot, we're adults here and I'm not fussed or grossed out by it at all. I always have menstrual sponges - kind of like tampons but soft enough to have sex with - with me and we can lay some towels down if you want to go full steam ahead. You have the option of your partner and I taking the lead to simply pamper you, give you foot rubs, keep your wine glass full and make you feel amazing - AND if you can't be bothered, I can do all the work and take care of your partner while you lay there drinking wine and eating snacks like a goddess and he kisses you and tells you how much he adores you. Heaven, right?

Things to Avoid

Setting unrealistic expectations is bad for everyone involved. Try not to plan out the session too much or go in expecting everything to work as it normally does. We can't guarantee an orgasm and there are so many factors that may inhibit your ability to come with a new person. It happens all the time with solo clients and couples. Just try to enjoy yourself and let things unfold organically. Often, after I've left, you'll get a second wind and be able to finish off without me. I am very pro instruction and communication and want to be educated on how to make you feel the most amazing.

Allowing your fears, insecurities or jealousy can ruin the experience for you. My body doesn't look like the women in magazines. I have loose skin, stretch marks, cellulite, lumps, bumps & pimples just like you! We are beautiful and perfect in all our imperfections. I will never judge or be disappointed with the masterpiece that is you. An important thing to remember is that, I'm a professional being paid for my time. Off the clock, I'm not going to be messaging your partner and asking them to hook up without you. I don't care how amazing their skills, looks, personality are, I'm not interested in breaking you up, I'm interested in giving you a great experience to bring you closer and - most of all - I'm interested in my business and reputation. If you're worried your partner is going find me more attractive or my sex skills more impressive, just remember that they chose to build a life with you. While I am always down for teaching the tricks I've picked up as an intimacy professional over the last decade, I do not know their body like you know their body so I can't possibly offer them the kind of experience you do. You're the amazing and beautiful person they choose to wake up next to every day. I'm just an accessory to help you spice things up for the afternoon/evening.

My Suggestions

Book a nice hotel and make a night of it. Mood, atmosphere and vibe are everything, you want to really treat yourself and enjoy the momentous occasion. You are both exclaiming to each other that you love each other so much that you want to enjoy new experiences and people together. That's really wonderful. Celebrate it for what it is. Get the room with the spa, get the bottle of champagne sent to your room, immerse yourselves in the pleasure of my company, go another round once I'm gone and then fall asleep in each others' arms, closer and more connected than ever before.

Book as date long enough so that we're not rushing through the important get to know you part. My recommendation for your first time with a new sex worker is to book a dinner/drinks date with at least a couple of hours of bedroom time. I don't offer 1 hr dates for couples. By the time we drink a glass of wine, have a chat, talk about boundaries and work up some chemistry before we jump into the shower together an hour is gone. Then I have to please you both and ensure we debrief to make sure everything went well and everyone is feeling comfortable and taken care of. If you're not sure, just book longer.

My Policies For Couples

Couples are notorious for getting pre-date jitters and end up being last minute cancellations far too often. While I would love to continue seeing couples, they are costing my business more money than they're making me at this point, so moving forward I am implementing mandatory full-prepayment from couples. Of the last 6 dates couples have booked, only one has not cancelled - ridiculous, I know! - citing some menial excuse that I can see straight through. I've been in this industry a long time, I know when I'm being lied to and at the end of the day I don't care if I'm being lied to or not - come up with whatever excuse you like - I care that I'm not putting time in my limited schedule aside for people who don't honour our appointment and my fee.

With another full time creative career, I don't have a lot of time in my schedule for sex work. I take a maximum of one to two bookings per week and then turn other clients away, so if you cancel, I lose half or all of my income from this venture for the week and it's incredibly hard to fill those spaces or find time to open up my schedule to other lovers at an alternative time. My full-time career is freelance photography, which is a lot of work for quite minimal pay, so I'm not rolling in dough and sex work substitutes what's lacking for me income-wise in that field, so every cancellation does really affect me. There are plenty of sex workers who are more flexible and you are welcome to book them, but if you would like to spend time with me in particular, I need to be compensated for the time that I've specifically put aside for you whether or not you show up.

Your mandatory full prepayment is due at the time of booking to secure your space. I recommend booking about 1-2 weeks in advance so there isn't too much room for big life changes in that time. It is non-refundable at all and non-transferable for a reschedule unless I must cancel or in exceptional circumstances I may allow a reschedule at my discretion with at least 48 hrs notice. All cancellations with less than 48hrs notice are non-transferable at all. This is the case with holidays, restaurant bookings, wine tours and all other luxury experiences, this is the policy you agree to upon booking - I am legally covered under consumer affairs - and I won't tolerate any attempts get around this policy and any arguments will simply be blocked and I will move on.

Exceptional circumstances are generally limited to contagious illness - they do not include getting your period, getting cold feet or the baby-sitter cancelling (have a back up or two! Murphy's law!) - and I do expect open and honest communication around it including test results or details if you wish to ask for a reschedule. If you are granted a reschedule, you will only get ONE reschedule and our rescheduled date must occur within 14 days of the original date.

I hope this guide has been helpful for you and I can't wait to meet you both for what I'm sure will be a wonderful experience for all of us!

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