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A Melbourne Escort's Course in Client Etiquette

Updated: Jul 4

Originally published Feb 6 2020

You might think that in order to become a favourite, you need to book weeks away on holidays and dinner dates at fancy restaurants and splash out on expensive gifts. While those things are nice, quite simply, none of that matters if you don't treat us with the respect we deserve. Personally, my favourite clients are the ones who are a breeze to book in and treat me like the person and professional I am. The other stuff is great and always welcome, but without a baseline level of human decency and an appreciation for the nature of our interaction, it's simply does not carry any weight. There are many things that you might feel are completely innocent, but really grind the gears of many escorts. It's important to think with your head and not your head otherwise you'll end up looking like head head. This isn't one size fits all in terms of what every escort prefers, but using a little common sense may help you adapt these tips across the board.

Making First Contact

Contacting an escort isn't like making first contact with an Alien species where there is no prior indication as to acceptable conduct or social rules. It's not rocket surgery! Use your head, not your head. You're approaching a business. Treat it like one. There's almost nothing more insulting than a potential client attempting to take advantage and sext or engage in general chit chat off the clock and unpaid. Understand what you're paying for. Our job is not just an in person sexual service, it is time, energy and interaction with you, so if you expect interaction off the clock, expect to compensate your escort for the additional time and effort - more on that later. A really good thing to remember is that while this is a personal and often sexual service, if you wouldn't say it to your plumber, dentist, unfamiliar colleague, potential business partner etc in your initial or any subsequent engagement do not say it to your escort. While long term regular clients may escape the strictness of this formality until you have reached that status (and not after one or two bookings or even after 5 bookings over the span of 5 years - a regular is generally considered to be someone who reliably books at least every quarter over at least a year) you should assume that any interaction outside of your booking is to be strictly related to making a booking. If you would like to spend extra time talking to your escort, book longer or ask if they offer paid texting/skyping arrangements so you can compensate them for their time and effort.

Follow Booking Instructions

Escorts are busy people with busy lives and other commitments outside of work, just like you. For this reason, we spend hours upon hours writing and rewriting our ads and websites to update them with the most current information, so that our clients know how to and when to contact us for bookings or enquiries. Especially in busy times of the year, escorts generally receive anywhere from 10 to 50 enquiries on any given day, so with this in mind it is important to respect the time of your chosen escort and send them an enquiry with all of the details they have asked for in their ad or on their website in the format they have requested. It's prudent to remember that we literally cannot confirm whether we can see you or not until we know when, where, how long and what you're after. It should not take multiple back and forth messages or emails to determine these details. You should approach your escort with them in your first point of contact so we can confirm or offer an alternative. Any more than 5 messages is too many to lock in a booking. Most of my clients are able to get it done in 2. This is basically what the conversation should look like:

Hi Venus,

I was wondering if you were available for a booking on Sunday for 4 hours starting at 7pm. I'll be located at the Grand Hyatt and I was hoping we could explore more of a sensual GFE style booking with lots of kissing and mutual oral.



Hi Max,

Thank you for getting in touch. That sounds absolutely lovely! I'm available then and would love to spend the evening with you. To confirm, 4hrs is $xxxx and my deposit requirement for the evening is $xxx and you can direct that to BSB: XXX XXX Acc: XXXX XXXX Or to @Vrayne via the Beemit app. Please shoot me your hotel booking confirmation showing your full name for screening.



Hi Venus,

Excellent! Deposit sent via beemit. Have attached a screenshot of my booking confirmation. Super excited to meet you!

Hi Max,

Thank you so much! Deposit & screening received and all booked in. Can't wait!



Simple. To the point. Gives enough basic info. Easy!

The majority of escorts operate via SMS or email only and do not accept phone calls for a multitude of reasons. We may have other jobs where we cannot answer our phones, we may be with family who doesn't know what we do, we may be in public or just generally busy doing other things. Just as you value your privacy, so do we so phone calls are a particularly sticky point for many escorts. Those who have a particular preference will include that information in their ad and this is to be respected.

For me, personally, it is a huge red flag and leaves a bad first impression if this simple boundary is ignored or disregarded. First, it signals to me that the person has not in fact read my ad or they have read it but think they're above my booking procedure. If you can't follow a simple instruction regarding how best to contact me, who's to say you wont decide to ignore other instructions and boundaries on how to treat me when we're alone in a room together. Remember that boundaries and consent are just as important out of the bedroom as they are in the bedroom and the inability to apply general consensual practices in your every day interactions does not leave a favourable impression.

Second, it shows me a sense of entitlement which is rude and unattractive. This person feels that their time is more important than mine and is demanding I serve all of the information I have already written for them in my ads to them directly on a shiny silver platter. It's one thing to miss one detail, and it's another to ask a worker for their picture or rates. Sending out mass "hey" txts to every escort in town and then not bothering to google their number when they respond to figure out who they are is honestly just so lazy and I can't believe certain people have the audacity to think that it's acceptable. This kind of behaviour stems from entitlement at best and misogyny at worst. Not a good look.

Lastly, there are many sick, bored, unhappy and mentally unwell people out there who like to target sex workers in an effort to waste their time. Savvy as we are, we have learned to work smarter, not harder and filter out enquiries that statistically fall into the "Time Waster" (TW) category by an overwhelming percentage. If we spent our time and energy responding to every sms or email we get we will not have time or energy to actually take bookings. We have found that enquirers who have not taken a minute to send a full enquiry and send a "hey" or "hi" "u avail" "can I see you" or a multitude of variations thereof were never really serious about booking in the first place. A brilliant sex worker by the name of Lilu Izar has compiled two years worth of data which reflects the experiences of many regarding SMS enquiries here and a follow up with more data and analytics here.

Respecting Availability

Aside from the simple courtesy of providing all of the information required in their ads, pay attention to their working hours and availability. If their working hours are 10am-10pm don't ask for a booking to occur at 2am unless you're potentially willing to further compensate them for the inconvenience - if they're open to that idea. In general the consensus I gather is that workers prefer to have at least a day or two's notice, but many take prebookings months in advance. It helps us stay happy and keep a healthy routine rather than being on call ALL THE TIME. You may take your 9-5 for granted, but for sex workers it's a luxury to be able to get to Sunday and know you have x amount of bookings that week, giving you the opportunity to organise and plan and keep everything together. It's hard enough to manage life when you have set working hours, imagine what it's like being on call CONSTANTLY.

There are many valid reasons why you as a client may not be able to book more than a few hours ahead, however it's up to you to approach an escort whose availability suits yours. If your attitude is 'well I'm horny NOW' or 'how do I know if I'm going to be horny in a week? What if I'm not and waste my money?' that's fair enough, however, personally all of my clients revel in setting some "me time" aside for themselves and find great sexual excitement in the anticipation leading up to a session. They treat our time together like a luxury, rather than a primal necessity to shoot their load in or on something. Sometimes they get to the booking and don't feel like having sex so instead we engage in other acts of intimacy that are JUST as rewarding - often this excites them for more. This is the sex industry, but sex is really only one facet of the companionship service we provide. Approaching your time with an escort as a way to treat yourself and indulge in fine company after a long week or busy month may allow you to get even more out of your experience.

In understanding our humanity and respecting us as people, it's crucial to understand what has been said time and time again: we're not simply sitting around by the phone in lingerie and full make up and hair waiting for an enquiry at all godforsaken hours of the day and if we are we generally advertise it. If an escort says they're not available at short notice, don't enquire for a booking within the hour. Most escort directories have an "available now" search function where you will find all of the escorts who are in fact waiting by the phone, potentially ready to go in an hour or two and many advertise when they're available on their Twitter. In fact, in most cases even those who are taking short notice bookings cannot accommodate within the hour. I don't wish to encourage misogynist stereotypes about how long it takes women to get ready, but for many of us it takes a while to not only physically prepare to the standard of our advertising so as not to be misleading, but also mentally prepare to be at our best for you. If you're after a short notice booking and don't mind if a provider is without make up and is casual about their appearance or the cleanliness of their in call, mention that when making your enquiry, as it may help.

If an escort's ad says they sometimes have same day availability try your best to offer the courtesy of contacting them by, say, midday if you'd like to see them in the evening or first thing in the morning if you'd like to see them in the afternoon. You may not know exactly what time you'll get off work or whatever it is, but most of you can pinpoint a time of day where you will DEFINITELY not be at work so just book for a later time if that escort is available later. If you are enquiring for a same day session be ready to screen and pay your deposit if they are required immediately so your escort has enough notice upon confirmation - though of course this should be a common courtesy even when booking in advance it is especially crucial for same day or short notice bookings. I personally, don't start getting ready until the deposit has cleared and I know many others work in the same way. If they say they're not available for same day bookings and require a certain amount of notice, respect that. If an escort says they generally book out by a certain time, believe them and book ahead. Whether it's true or just marketing they're very obviously stating a preference. If you want to be a client they take pleasure in seeing it goes a LONG way.


Some time before your booking (maybe a few weeks before you consider booking an escort) you might want to have a good look at your pubic area, penis and the area around your rectum. It's important to look out for any sores, marks, rashes etc as they may be a sign of an STD or contagious skin infection. If you turn up to a booking with signs of a potential STD you will be refused service and you're not entitled to a refund if you don't do your due diligence for your own health. It's recommended that people who are sexually active with multiple partners (yes, even if you're married. Your wife + escort = multiple partners) get a full sexual health screening at their GP every 3 months so get tested if it's been a while - even if you've used condoms. I will be writing more on sexual health and safe sex practices in a future blog, so keep an eye out for more info there.

If you have the opportunity, give yourself a good scrub before your booking and then freshen up when you arrive. It's basic courtesy to ensure your bits are nice and fresh for the person who is going to be all up in them. Remember to pull back your foreskin and use a gentle soap to clean all the smegma that can accumulate. If you cannot pull back your foreskin, this is a medical condition called Phimosis. It is not particularly uncommon and requires a small surgery and recovery time to correct, but it will improve your sex life and hygiene vastly. Often, those with phomisis who cannot clean under their foreskin radiate quite an unpleasant smell for anyone who gets near your penis, so even though you might not smell it yourself, it's definitely affecting your sexual partners. Also remember to spread your buttocks and ensure to soap up and wash your anus directly with your hands or wash cloth. It is not "gay" to clean your own asshole - yes, a surprising amount of men do use this as an excuse - but it sure is pretty damn disgusting to see literal shit stuck to the hair surrounding a person's anus while you're trying to give them a blow job or to have to clean up skid marks on bed sheets. PLEASE. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. CLEAN YOUR ASSHOLE. DAILY. YOU'RE AN ADULT. We're paid to give you a service, not to put up with your feces.

Do not brush your teeth right before your booking as the friction and potential lacerations to your gums and mouth presents a health risk. Give it at least an hour or two and then freshen up with mouthwash/mints/gum/a listerine strip closer to your booking.

Clean, cut and file your finger nails if you wish to put them anywhere near the sensitive skin and flora of the vaginal region. Bacteria is bad for vaginas and nails can easily accidentally tear the skin.

You might want to ask your escort what their preference is for pubic hair/beard grooming. Most don't really mind, though a little neat trimming/maintenance does help. Just ensure you don't rush and cut yourself as open sores present a health risk. If you like a lot of kissing or giving oral, beard stubble is really uncomfortable and can cause rashes, acne break outs and other issues for your escort, so bear that in mind. Touch your stubble. Give it a good rub for a few minutes with a thin and sensitive part of your skin like your wrists. Now imagine having your face or penis exfoliated with THAT non stop for 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 minutes. Not a pleasant thought, hey?

Upon Arrival

If you're meeting your escort at their in call, it's poor form to loiter or make yourself noticeable. Many workers are operating from their homes and have neighbours and landlords who may not be supportive of their career choices considering the stigma around being a sex worker. Quietly approach at the designated time - do not arrive early and stand around out front - and speak quietly until you're indoors. It's also helpful to remember that this is not your home and you should be on your best behaviour as a guest or you may not be invited back. Do not make an unnecessary mess for your escort to clean up. If your work boots are muddy leave them outside or in an appropriate place. Do not go through their things, do not use their toothbrush and make sure you're using the soap or body wash and not a $100/bottle facial cleanser. It's not a hotel and you should not assume that everything out on display is for your use or perusal.

It is standard practice to pay your escort before any services take place. It's up to you to head to to the ATM and ensure you have the correct amount in cash or whichever payment method your escort has specified that they require ahead of time. I personally prefer for cash to be left on a table or in an envelope for me to count and collect. You might like to count out the money as you're putting it down while your escort watches and then have her count it also to ensure there are no errors and no issues.

Do not get handsy or gropey with your escort before you have paid and the service has begun! I love sharing a few kisses and a little cheekiness before my clients hop in the shower or sometimes in the shower with them, but it is disrespectful and rude to assume you can start going at it full steam ahead as soon as they open/arrive at the door. Give it a minute. Get the formalities out of the way. BREATHE. It will happen. Just let it.

Most escorts will offer you a shower upon arrival at their in call. For most this is not a request but a requirement. Personally, I tend to ask if my client has showered in the last 20 minutes and if they say yes I'm happy to continue without forcing another shower on them. I've never had an issue with this practice so I will continue it, but many providers will refuse service if you refuse to shower. Remember, we get our faces all up in your junk so be mindful. To avoid the embarrassment and awkwardness of us asking you to shower again after service has begun, be sure to follow my tips on showering above.

If you are hosting, it's polite to offer your escort a shower and a clean towel so they can freshen up for you if they need to. Ensure to offer your escort water or another beverage if the occasion calls for it, and pour it from a bottle you have opened in front of them. You might be feeling nervous and indulge in an alcoholic beverage or substance of your choice before or during your booking, but many escorts don't enjoy seeing clients who are noticeably quite inebriated and many are not comfortable around certain substances, so always ask your escort if they mind beforehand. The media likes to stereotype, but alcohol and other substance use is not always commonplace in this industry. Many escorts don't drink alcohol or take drugs for many reasons.

During Your Stay

I should not need to tell you that it's not ok to perform or attempt to pressure your escort into an act that they have not explicitly agreed to. Even if something is in their service list, it's always nice when lovers ask before moving on to something new so we can effectively prepare. We're another living and breathing human being, engage with us, don't just do stuff to us unless that has been agreed to prior. "Can we do x?" and awaiting the response is all that is needed. 4 little words that can make or break a session. It's especially important to be mindful of this with anal activities. It can take a great deal of time to relax enough to accept incoming fingers, toys and penises. There is a huge risk factor for tearing and injury around anal, so NO SURPRISE ANAL and listening VERY carefully to your escort regarding the speed and girth of whatever it is you're putting in is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for safe and fun anal play.

While on the topic of anal play remember that - while porn likes to tell us otherwise - anything that goes into an anus DOES NOT GO BACK TO THE VAGINA. Rectal bacteria is EXCEPTIONALLY bad for vaginas. You will cause a bacterial infection for your partner - escort or otherwise. Wash your hands and under your nails thoroughly (or better yet, use a condom over your finger/gloves for anal play) and change condoms before going back to vaginal penetration.

So you're here! You're excited! You want to do ALL OF THE THINGS, but be sure to actually take time to enjoy each action and experience. Having clients who want to change positions or do something new every 60 seconds is really dizzying and not fun for us.

My next point is lubricant. Never refuse or assume you don't need lubricant. Lubricant helps to ensure that my bits aren't rubbed raw and that the condom doesn't break. Contrary to popular myths, lubricant doesn't ruin sex and it doesn't mean your partner isn't turned on and does not reflect your attractiveness or sexual performance. There are a multitude of factors that can lead to a lack of natural lubrication from hydration levels to certain medications and just plain old genetics. Personally, I take anti-histamines every day all year round because my sinuses are sensitive little shits to dust and pollen, but this has the side effect of drying me out. I need lubricant to have enjoyable safe sex. End of. Don't tell me I don't need it and then slobber all over my vulva like that's sufficient. Spit is not lube. I need good quality silicone or water based lubricant which I stock plenty of and bring with me to every booking.

If you book an hour or two or three etc, it's important to understand that your escort is human and you cannot expect to be having sex for the entire duration of your stay. Most people don't enjoy and cannot sustain extended sessions of constant penetration or sexual stimulation. It can get to be too much, even with the use of good quality lubricant. Sex is much more enjoyable both in our personal lives and in our work when we do things in rounds. Let's go at it for 15-30 minutes and then take a 5-10 minute break to hydrate, catch our breath and maybe have a little chat before we go again. On extended bookings of more than a couple of hours, think about what you might like to do in between rounds. My favourite bookings - and a favourite for my clients - are the ones where there's a spattering of sex, pillow talk, snacks/meals, and other activities laid out across the evening or day. I've had lovers who have enjoyed watching netflix or cooking together or even sharing our favourite memes. There's an entire world out there to talk about or explore together, get to know each other and make some memories. Perhaps think about taking things outside the bedroom for a portion of your date. Go see a movie or exhibition if that's what you like. Dinner dates are a really popular option, but they don't have to be super fancy. Personally, I love going to local family run restaurants that are both delicious and fairly priced. My favourite spot to eat right at this minute is a 5 minute walk from my place and has some of the best American style barbecue offerings in Melbourne. It generally works out to be around $50 per person with all the frills. You don't have to go beyond your means to have a rewarding and meaningful experience with your escort.

Another thing to be mindful of is boundaries regarding personal information. Escorts conceal their legal names and identities and certain details about their personal lives for their safety. "what town did you grow up in?" and "what high school did you go to?" and "do you have children?" may seem like innocent questions and general small talk, however they can be a step too far for certain people. I'm not saying don't ask those things, but be sure to let them know you don't expect an answer if they find it too personal to discuss. Personally, I'm an open book for most things and there aren't many taboo topics that I'm not willing to discuss, but the nature of this industry and the stigma we face can mean that some of us hold things a little closer to our chest. This goes both ways. If there's a topic you're not comfortable exploring, you can respectfully decline to answer if your escort questions you on it. Another thing that really grinds my gears - and many others too - is putting other escorts down in order to compliment us. It's not a competition and I really don't like hearing negative comments about my peers. Being rather curvy and luscious, one I often hear is "I hate those skinny, bony, size 6 bitches, I like a real woman like you" and while I appreciate that you prefer my body type, you don't need to compare me to others in a nasty manner. Perhaps try something like "I really like that you're curvy and fuller figured." and leave it there. Another one I personally don't like hearing is derogatory remarks about Asian and other immigrant workers. I don't care if you've had a bad experience with one or two workers from another race, it's not acceptable to make racist remarks about their entire culture. I know many foreign workers who are absolute mega babes and are true professionals. You don't have to book them, but don't talk shit about them to us. It's not difficult to simply refrain from making comments about other women's bodies, appearance, rates, services or race when trying to compliment us.


When the time is up, it's up. If you booked an hour, don't try to stay for an hour and 10 minutes. If you're not done, you know to either extend or book longer next time. Don't hang back to chat after the time has finished. Quickly shower if you're offered a shower, get dressed and be on your way. If you would like to stay behind a little longer to chat or keep going, appropriately compensate your escort if they have the time to extend your booking. If your escort has started cleaning up while you're still there, that is generally their attempt at being polite and making a point that your time is well and truly up. We don't have time limits because we hate spending time with you, we have them to keep order, ensure we're being compensated appropriately for our energy output. Usually we have other stuff to do and other clients to see, often 15-30 minutes after your booking finishes, in which time we must clean our space, wash and prepare ourselves for the next client. Overstaying can greatly inconvenience your escort. The same courtesy post booking is expected as pre booking. If you've met your escort at their in call, leave as quickly and quietly as possible without acting in a manner that would gather attention. Just walk to your car or uber and go. It's VERY simple. It's really lovely when I get an SMS from a client post booking to tell me they enjoyed themselves and would like to see me again. It's especially lovely when we actually organise another date through that correspondence.

If you had a really great time, you might consider leaving a review for your escort. Most escorts love reviews that don't give too many details away, but many are concerned about where these reviews are posted. It's always best to ask your escort where they would like the review submitted and have them read over it to make sure they're ok with what is said. They might be most comfortable with a particular directory or may ask for a submission for their website.

In Between Bookings

So you've enjoyed yourself. You got on really well with your escort. You think a really great friendship can result. You spotted something that reminded you of them, you have news that they might be interested in, or you're just really looking forward to seeing them again. You want to send them a text or call them, but should you? This is a really personal situation to navigate. Some escorts don't mind a little interaction in between bookings so long as you actually book often enough to justify the additional effort. Some are very strict about keeping chit chat to the booking. Let's just take a minute to think about if, when, where and how much contact in between bookings is appropriate.

Ask your escort if they are open to a little chat every now and then and offer them compensation for it. I have a lovely regular who likes to send me a gift card or transfer cash when he can't make a booking, but wants to chat. I'm happy to oblige because I feel that they respect the boundaries of our relationship. It doesn't have to be much, but even a $20 or $50 token of gratitude goes a long way. Some escorts offer texting/emailing/phone/facetime services where you pay for a certain amount of back and forth messaging or a certain amount of time. One of my lovers likes to skype once every week or two from wherever he is in the world and we have an ongoing arrangement for this. Not every SMS or email or phone call needs to be paid and some escorts will never ask you for payment for this, but don't take advantage of their time and don't expect them to reply to you constantly and immediately. Understand that while they may enjoy it and enjoy talking to you, it is after all, their job and they have other things in life to juggle to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads and reach their goals. If your SMS gets forgotten it's probably not personal. Just shoot them a little something to help ease their burdens so that they can dedicate a little time to you.

When is it appropriate for you to message your escort? First, think about the time of day. I would always suggest that out of politeness do not message between the hours of 11pm and 8am. This may vary from worker to worker depending on their sleep schedule, but try to be conscientious of your escort's right to switch off and have some time to wind down. Determining at which point in the relationship it might be ok to start texting is harder. Always ask your escort first, but I would say if you're not booking your escort at least every quarter for at least a year, you haven't really earned the right to assume this is ok without prior discussion and/or compensation.

Think about where you're interacting. I love it when my clients comment publicly on my twitter posts or instagram, so long as it's nothing too graphic. "I wanna stick my cock in that ass" "would love to lick your pussy" and "hot tits babe" and the like are honestly just kind of gross and desperate, so maybe stick to things like "You look beautiful in that dress!" or "When I see you next, you're in trouble!" It helps my business to improve visibility and credibility through engagement. On social media I don't mind how often you comment on my posts and would never expect payment for such, but be mindful of the fact that I and many others often don't have time to respond. When it comes to SMS or email or any direct form of contact, this is more demanding of your worker's time and attention and is definitely more deserving of consideration and compensation.

How much is too much? This is something only you and your escort can determine for sure, but be reasonable. Every day, multiple times a day is definitely out of the question unless you have specifically arranged and paid for it. Once a week is still quite demanding if you're not compensating your escort for this extra time. Once a month might fly if you're booking often enough. Wishing them a happy birthday and happy holidays is generally a safe bet and I wouldn't think compensation is required for this unless you wish to engage further than well wishes - however, birthdays and holidays are time of giving so it's always lovely to give a token of your affection around these times!

But Venus, how do I keep up with all of these additional costs for interacting outside of bookings, you say? Remember that seeing an escort is a luxury and there is an escort to suit every budget. If you can't afford to pay for additional interaction between bookings, or to book often enough for a little leeway, it's something you might just have to go without.

Another BIGGGGGGGG point of contention is what to do if you see your escort out in public. If you have not discussed this with your escort prior, your safest bet is to do nothing. Nothing at all. Do not approach or engage with your escort in any way. Keep going on your merry way. Allow them the time to be themselves and go about their lives. You don't know if they might be out with family or friends who don't know about their work and you may instigate some uncomfortable conversations between your escort and their loved ones even by simply saying hello. Also, don't message them to say you saw them out. It can come off as creepy even if it's innocent. You might perhaps mention it in your next booking instead being sure to let them know you were there for your own reasons. Stalkers are a scary and sometimes common danger in this industry so just be mindful of how you approach the issue.

Future Bookings

It's important not to get too comfortable with your escort and start asking for discounts or extra services because of your repeat custom. Perhaps over time, as trust builds your escort may offer you those things, but it's never appropriate to ask for or expect. You don't get to determine when it's appropriate for another person's boundaries to change.

Also understand that escorts feel the effects of inflation too, and as they gain more industry experience and establish their business over time their rates may increase. Some escorts are happy to "grandfather" regular clients through and put a hold on raising their rates for those clients, but this is not always the case and should not be asked for or expected. If you can no longer afford your escort at their new rates, it's up to you to either book less frequently, for less time or find another escort within your budget. I know it's hard to let a friend go, but when your paths no longer align and circumstances no longer match up, you need to learn to adapt.

Phew! That was a long one and PACKED full of stuff, so I understand it may be a lot to process. If you read this and think "that's all just basic courtesy" you're 100% right! And if you already follow all of this, you're probably already one of your escort's favourite clients. Issues generally stem when - for whatever reason - a person is confused and just doesn't extend the simple logic of manners and courtesy to their escort. I will take a polite and well-mannered client who books an hour or two every few months over a high-roller with an entitlement issue any day. I hope this helps!

V xx

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