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Coronavirus & Sex Work

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

The world is experiencing the worst pandemic since the Spanish Influenza of 1918. With globalization and accessibility of travel, COVID 19 has proven difficult for the authorities to quarantine and contain. According to government health bodies Coronavirus is spread in close contact through contaminated fluids from coughing or sneezing. The contaminated fluids can reach you directly from being sneezed on or coughed on by an infected individual or from hand to hand contact or contact with surfaces that have been contaminated with infectious fluids. Most people are infectious only once they are already experiencing symptoms, but a small number of cases have become infectious before symptoms have presented.

At present the mortality rate is quite low with around 97-98% of cases making a full recovery after only showing mild-moderate flu symptoms. While the illness is not generally serious for those who are not immunocompromised or have respiratory illnesses, world health organisations have a number of recommendations as to how best to manage and avoid the contamination so as to control the amount of people overloading the medical system at one time - as more people die when there is a strain on medical services - to "flatten the curve" - see graphic below. You can find these recommendations at

Currently, Australia does not impose any strict restrictions on mobility, although large entertainment and sporting events have been effectively cancelled (the events are still happening however crowds are not allowed to attend) and many predict that there will be measures to restrict movement and confine everyone to their homes in a matter of weeks.

So, what does this mean for sex work?

The reports are in and most sex workers have seen a dramatic drop in clientele since the pandemic hit news stands. Many sex workers are stopping work or are restricting their client intake in some way hoping to weather it out until the pandemic starts to ease. It is a very difficult time for many sex workers in our industry at the moment as many are still recovering from the economic hardship brought on the recent devastating bush fires. Many sex workers have families and dependents or other restrictions or illnesses which limit their earning potential and are not privileged enough to have savings to tide them through. It is impossible for some to take time off from seeing clients and on the other side of the coin, it is impossible for some to continue seeing clients if they are immunocompromised or have respiratory issues. It is now that the human spirit of kindness and generosity may very well save the lives of some of our peers.

I'm not a doctor and I will not give medical advice. I won't suggest that you SHOULD see sex workers in person, but I can assure you that in general, sex workers practice a high level of hygiene maintenance with many of us using medical grade anti-bacterial soaps and mouth washes and are doing their utmost best to ensure they are following recommendations to the best of their ability.

Here's what you CAN do to help out our community: - Tip! You may not be able to see your favourite escort but you can still support them by sending them some cash to let them know you're thinking of them or donating if they're asking for donations. In times like these even small donations of $5 can ensure people can put a staple like rice on the table so their family doesn't starve. - Purchase txting, skyping, phone call services, only fans/manyvids subsriptions or porn! Sex work is not simply an in person service. In the age of the internet many sex workers have taken to diversifying their income stream by offering services that don't require in person meeting so that they can engage with admirers from all around the globe. Perhaps consider asking your fave if you can pay for some sexy photos or a video or a skype call/facetime. Or purchase their porn if they make and sell porn. Or subscribe to their subscription services. Every little bit counts right now!

- Put down a deposit for a future date when the pandemic subsides! That one explains itself.

It's a mildly anxiety inducing time for all at the moment, but that doesn't mean the ball has to stop rolling completely. Stay safe and listen to health regulatory advice, however if you have the means, do what you can to help keep the heads of our lesser privileged peers above water. Personally, it's business as usual for me until any potential lock downs put a stop to it. At this present time there is very little risk to me as I'm a very low volume worker and spend 99% of my time at home working on my Photography and Media business. I am keeping an eye on the situation and if there are any restrictions I will simply reschedule any prebookings and tours. Wishing everyone affected by the pandemic a very speedy recovery. Stay safe, be kind to your fellow citizens and be sure not to hoard toilet paper!

Air kisses, V x

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