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An update on my movements re: Coronavirus!

So, earlier in the week I wrote a blog on how COVID-19 was affecting sex workers and signed off by saying it was business as usual for me for the time being. Today I announced on twitter that I would be postponing tours, placing restrictions on who I see with a 2hr booking minimum, and - aside from those who have already prebooked - not taking any new clients for the month of April. What's changed for me in the last few days? Aside from my Sydney accommodation cancelling amid COVID fears, which spurred decision to postpone my tours, not much, really. However, I have been reading more about the issue, talking to my peers and trying to understand what the best course of action would be to protect myself, my clients and the greater community in general. This is not a panicked reaction to the hysteria, I'm just taking what I think are responsible measures for me to take. Yes, I work long hours from home and tend to naturally practice social distancing and yes, I see very few clients however, what's becoming more and more clear to me is that it's not just about me and my clients and I cannot in good moral conscience continue to put society at - even a small - risk by being careless because I'm healthy, young and resilient. It has come to light that the Australian medical system is NOT equipped to deal with the burden of the virus, all over the world there are shortages on testing kits and materials and I'm doing what I can to ensure I don't add additional pressure to the system directly or indirectly as it could mean the difference between life and death for me or someone else. I have even had my quarterly testing and grabbed my prescriptions a few weeks early in order to minimize my drain on resources at the worst possible time - which IS coming.

Perhaps the biggest factor in my decision is that there are many struggling sex workers who are not as privileged as I am and don't have a healthy buffer of savings to keep themselves afloat indefinitely. With the current scarcity of clients and what seems like a very limited time remaining before there are attempts to strictly limit movement making work impossible - Tasmania has announced they're closing borders and more states are likely to come - I feel obliged to make room for those who need it more than I do. I am a financially driven person and I think I'm saving for something important, but at the end of the day I won't starve and I will be able to cover my expenses and I'm not facing the economic anxiety that is keeping others awake at night. So, it will take me a few more months to get there? It's a small price to pay to ensure that perhaps even one other person may be able to eat.

I'm not totally grinding to halt, I'm still taking prebookings for the future with dates to be confirmed once we get a clearer idea of things, tomorrow I will be announcing digital packages available for lovers who still want to connect from afar, I will be producing more content for my manyvids, still posting on twitter, still working on my photography and media business and continuing to work on my next photo shoot - which, fingers crossed, will hopefully be the one thing I DON'T have to postpone. So, I'm all good.

A note from myself and other sex workers: While your messages of support and telling us to stay safe are appreciated they're really not necessary and the best way to show your support to any sex worker right now is with your wallet rather than giving them extra admin to get through. This should be how you approach sex workers 100% of the time, but ESPECIALLY NOW is not the time to try to take up space by attempting to engage in unpaid chats or dangle future bookings in their faces without a deposit. All you are doing is adding more stress to an already stressful situation. Also, if you didn't see my tweet from yesterday, attempting to use the pandemic to take advantage of struggling workers by trying to barter and negotiate rates is particularly morally reprehensible and shameful as we enter this crisis period. If anything, you should be more generous where you can afford to be and simply not taking up any of their time at all if you can't afford their rates. If you're looking for ways to support sex workers, please check out my last blog for suggestions at

Air kisses and foot taps,

V x

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