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A Melbourne Escort on Deposits

Updated: Nov 1

In the last few years I've paid deposits for every personal service I've booked. From tattoos to hair appointments to cosmetic appointments, dinner reservations and more. We are living in a world where deposits are commonplace and this is no different in sex work. More and more of us are requiring deposits to reserve your time and show that you as a client are serious and committed to turning up and honoring your appointment.

This is a basic business practice. It makes a lot of business sense to not only ensure your clients are committed, but also to take a portion of the fee in order to cover your losses in the case that your client doesn't show. Dates take a lot of time and preparation for us to be at our best and can incur many overheads especially when a worker hires an in call or prepares certain items or must travel for your date. It is the least you can do, to hand over a portion of the fee in order to secure your spot. It's an even better practice to cover the entire fee if you must cancel - especially at short notice - but that's another topic for another time.

I don't think I need to explain any further as to why sex workers take deposits, but I do want to further explore my deposit policy with you so you can gain a full understanding of what you agree to upon the payment of your deposit.

My requirements are as follows:

Melbourne: A non-refundable deposit. The exact percentage required is at my discretion upon booking and this will be anything between $100-$200 per hour booked to 50% for extended bookings.

Tours: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for all tour bookings.

Fly Me To You: 50% of the entire booking fee PLUS full flight, travel & accommodation costs is required for all Fly Me to You bookings.

Deposits are a requirement for all bookings. They are non-refundable unless I must cancel due to illness or emergency - see the refund section for more info. You will be given a very reasonable deadline between 1 hour and 24 hours depending on the speed of our interactions and the amount of notice I receive. I set deadlines for deposits because I cannot simply wait on your word for several days in order for you to commit to your booking. You should not contact me if you are not ready to INSTANTLY pay your deposit. Your booking will not be secure and I will not begin my preparations to meet you until that deposit has cleared in my account. My deposit requirement works in tandem with my screening requirements to ensure that you value my time, safety and comfort. The options I have provided are both discreet and convenient:

Beemit is a anonymous and instant payment platform run by the big four banks. You do need your ID and a debit card to sign up, but that private information is not shown to the recipient in your transactions. On your bank statement all that shows is "beemit. com. au" when sending and "Refund Purchase Beemit" when receiving.

Prezzee is universal-ish gift card facilitator and can be purchased with a credit card. A standard prezzee e gift-card can be swapped for a range of major retailers, which makes it useful in the way that I can choose where to spend the gift card based on what I want or need. I only accept the standard prezzee cards and will not accept any gift cards where you have already chosen a store.

Commbank Smart ATMs are a convenient and completely anonymous way to put cash into an account. There is no wire trace and no need to sign in with your credentials so there is no link back to you. This one is great for lovers who have a shared account and/or need to pay their deposit in cash. Smart ATMs are everywhere in major cities and I bet there will be one close to you.

I accept online bank transfers and osko at my discretion if there is at least 7 days notice from the payment of your deposit.

The remainder of my compensation for our time together can be paid:

  • In cash upon arrival (preferred) - I don't mind whether you'd like to hand it to me personally and count it out with me to ensure it is correct or if you'd prefer to leave it on a table for me to collect and give me a moment confirm it is correct. Mistakes happen and if you are accidentally short I will politely prompt you.

  • Via beemit - please keep monthly and daily limits in mind

  • I am happy to accept up to $1000 in prezzee gift cards upon arrival (please keep payment limits in mind) or

  • Bank transfer at least 7 days before our date

Cancellations and rescheduling:

Melbourne: Deposits are non-refundable if you must cancel. You are liable for the entire fee of our original booking if you wish to cancel with less than 48 hrs notice.

If you wish to reschedule with less than 48 hours notice, your deposit is forfeit and you will have to provide another deposit if you wish to reschedule to a different day within 30 days of the original date. If you do not reschedule within 30 days you are liable for the entire fee of the original booking.

If I am given more than 48 hrs notice you may reschedule your appointment to another time and carry that deposit over for your rescheduled booking within 30 days once only. If you must reschedule again or you fail to reschedule within 30 days of your original appointment your deposit is forfeit and you must provide another should you wish to make another booking. I do offer leniency in the case that I have no availability for the following 30 days.

RE COVID 19/General Illness - If you find that leading up to our booking you have any cold or flu like symptoms no matter how mild please let me know asap and get tested and self isolate. If you provide me with your COVID test or a doctor's certificate, I am happy to reschedule within 30 days without forfeiting your deposit up to 3hrs before our scheduled booking. Your deposit will be forfeit if you attempt to cancel or reschedule within 3hrs of our booking. If you turn up to the booking with any cold or flu like symptoms or a fever (which will be checked) you will be liable for the full fee and you will be sent home.

If you wish to change the duration and/or type of your booking to one that costs less than the deposit you have already paid, there are no refunds of the difference and if you should chose to do so with less than 48hrs notice, you are liable for the full fee of the original booking duration and type.

While full prepayments or a larger than requested deposit is welcome, the amount you submit is your non-refundable deposit and you are not entitled to any return of the fee upon cancelling. If I am given more than 48 hours notice, you may transfer the excess amount beyond my requirement to a rescheduled date within 30 days, but you must supply another deposit to secure this. If you do not provide at least 48 hours notice or do not reschedule within 30 days of the original date, the full amount you submitted is forfeit.

Tours: Tour deposits are non-refundable if you must cancel. If you cancel with less than 7 days notice you are liable for the entire fee of our original booking.

If you wish to reschedule with less than 48hrs notice your deposit is forfeit and you would need to provide another if you wish to see me, availability permitting. You may attempt to reschedule with more than 48 hrs notice, however that is subject to availability and if I can't fit you in on that particular tour, your deposit is forfeit.

While full prepayments or a larger than requested deposit is welcome, the amount you submit is your non-refundable deposit and you are not entitled to any return of the fee upon cancelling, but may reschedule for that tour subject to availability. If I do not have the availability to fit you in the full amount that you have submitted is forfeit. Fly me to you: Fly me to you deposits are completely non-refundable if you must cancel or reschedule to another day.


In the very rare circumstance that I am unable to make our appointment due to illness or special circumstances, I will do my best to reschedule for a time that is convenient for you or hold on to your deposit to use when you or I are next in town. If rescheduling is impossible I will refund your deposit minus any associated costs for the booking made at your request. This may include food, drinks, accommodation, outfits, equipment etc.

You are not entitled to a refund of your deposit or any part of the full fee if I must cancel before or during the booking due to inappropriate and ungentlemanly conduct on your part which makes me feel unsafe or uncomfortable in any way. I do not abuse this policy, I only invoke it if I feel that seeing you would put me at risk of sexual assault, stalking & harassment, or any other danger.

This may include but is not limited to:

  • Asking for natural/uncovered sex or genital rubbing

  • Pushing boundaries after I have already said no

  • Attempting to engage in acts that have not been discussed or consented to

  • Attempted stealthing - deceptive removal or breakage of the condom

  • Alluding to or attempting to grope me or engage in any sexual activity while I am sleeping and therefore not able to consent during overnight and multi-day bookings

  • Any demeaning or threatening language

  • Constant texting, emailing, calling or harassment

  • Demanding free pictures or videos or

  • Refusal to provide requested screening information

There are NO refunds or discounts if you present with signs of poor sexual health or hygiene, but an alternative safe service will be on offer. Your sexual health and the job of cleaning your body, underneath your foreskin, in between your buttocks and other areas is your responsibility, so please ensure you bathe yourself thoroughly and see your doctor regularly for STI screening (every 3 months is recommended) even if you are in a long-term relationship and see your doctor if you have any visual or physical symptoms.

How to Receive Your Refund

In the case that a refund is granted as per the conditions above, there are two options. If you are with a major bank I am happy to deposit cash to your account discreetly via smart ATM or if you are not you must download and register for the BeemIt app. As above the only information that appears on your bank statement when receiving from beemit is "Refund Purchase Beem It".

If neither of these options work for you, you cannot receive your refund.

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