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A Melbourne Escort's Guide to Gifting!

Originally posted August 7, 2020

I'm lucky enough to come across many generous individuals who like to give me something to remember them by on top of their booking fee or in lieu of a booking in the case that they cannot book me due to distance or funds. I've received everything from wine to chocolate to sex toys to clothing to perfume to spa and restaurant vouchers to awesome Star Trek memorabilia and while I appreciate the thought of every lover who has been so generous, there have been some instances where things haven't quite been right for me. If you're thinking about sending a gift to one of your favourites here is a guide on how to gift them in a way that is thoughtful. I do want to note that a gift is only a gift if nothing is expected in return. Your escort may decide they want to do something to show how much they appreciate it, but you should NEVER expect to give a "gift" in lieu of payment for additional time or services - you must pay them via the payment method they accept if that's what you're aiming for. A note re COVID-19: Sex workers everywhere, but especially in Melbourne right now have taken a large hit to their income and the most important thing for most of us right now is surviving, so until things go back to normal the most thoughtful gifts would be those contributing to their living expenses, bills and groceries. Cash or, woolworths and coles giftcards are where you should be directing your attention right now. A bigger price tag is not always better Gifts do not have to be extravagant to be appreciated. People on twitter like to show off their $3000 designer shoes and hand bags that were "gifted" to them, but many sex workers just don't buy into all the brand name hodge podge. Think about the person you are buying a gift for. Do they usually wear designer and luxury items or are they a little more grounded? What are their hobbies and interests? Have they ever expressed an interest in the item you're thinking of purchasing? Have you asked? You don't have to tell them you're buying it for them, but perhaps in a booking, be a little sneaky and come up with a story about a friend or family member's birthday and let them know they have very similar interests and ask if they think they would like the item. You could ask for a recommendation on what you should buy and perhaps give them the budget you're open to. Fit is everything If the sex worker you're seeing is a woman, women's clothing sizing is NOTORIOUSLY inconsistent across brands, styles, makes and fabrics. In my wardrobe I currently possess items from a size 10 all the way up to 20 with most being somewhere in between. I have received clothing gifts from clients who didn't check in which I appreciate but could never wear and have had to donate because the fit is extremely off. My recommendation if you wish to purchase clothing for your escort is to send them a link to the item so they can check the sizing chart and fabric specifications themselves and either ask what size would best fit them or send a gift card/cash to purchase the item - and remember shipping costs if they're making the purchase online! Or if you want it to be more of a surprise perhaps think about purchasing shoes instead, as shoe size is definitely more consistent. Or you can arrange a date where you take them shopping for a portion of the time you have paid for. Check out their wish list Many sex workers have already done all the work for you. You wont need to guess what they want because they have spent hours upon hours curating a list of things they actually want or need. Most of the wishlists I've seen have a range of items priced both high and low! This is your best bet in regards to getting your favourite sex worker a personalised gift which they will remember you by and be endlessly thankful for. Gift Cards! Gift cards are a great gift to allow your escort to treat themselves to something fun! Find out what spas, restaurants, and stores or fancy hotels your escort loves to indulge in and treat them to something just for them. You could even send them a Coles or Woolworths giftcard to buy their groceries for the month. Or a giftcard so that they have several options as to how they want or need to use your gift. Cash is 100% fail safe I don't know a single sex worker who doesn't LOVE a cash gift. You don't have to worry about sizing or where they shop or what interests them because giving them cash means they can purchase something they want themselves or direct to where it's needed. I've had some escorts tell me that they think a cash gift is THE most thoughtful gift for them. Some escorts not only are brand averse, but are averse to spending money on items that aren't necessary and appreciate being able to contribute the extra money to their savings or expenses. Tl;dr, Don't buy them clothes unless you're 100% sure on sizing! Check out their wishlist and interests! Consider gift cards! Or just tip them! I hope this was a helpful guide for the lovers who like to go that extra mile to treat their favourite sex workers!

Kisses, V x

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