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Onward & Upward: A Melbourne Escort looks back on 2021 and forward to 2022 with you!

2021: A year in review

Much like the beginning of 2020, 2021 started off with fire and momentum. Booked out tours to Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane and so many passionate and creative experiences in between. I met a few new lovers in that time who would turn out to be some of my favourite repeat, regular lovers.

Then, just as in 2020, everything was absolutely derailed and punishingly so by lock downs 4, 5 and boy, oh boy lock down 6. I found lock down 6 more challenging than all of those before it, but it gave me the gift of time and made me reflect very deeply on how I wanted to live my life and gave me the courage to set the tone. I came out feeling more in tune with and confident about what I have to offer both creatively and as an escort and have channeled that with several changes to the way I work and the cost of admission to access my energy.

I did not unleash from lock down 6, horns blaring, saying yes to everyone who wanted a piece of me, and desperately trying to fit in as much as I could to make up for lost time. No, I set limits and boundaries and while the end if this year has been a bit too insane to keep to a 4 day per week work week goal I set myself, I made progress. I kept to my limit of 2 photo shoots per week and 1 date with a lover, implemented a 2 hour minimum, have prioritised my fitness regime, and while I'm honestly a little worn out coming up to my time off from Goddess Photography over Christmas and new year, I'm not absolutely burnt out and clinging on for dear life like I had been after every other lock down. I'm not there yet, but I am starting to get the balance right for my body and spirit.

Overall, while not without its challenges I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and come into my own authenticity even more over 2021. I am so thankful for all of the wonderful clients I have connected with this year and look forward to channeling this new higher vibration with you as I continue to evolve.

Looking forward: 2022

I already know 2022 is going to be a stellar year. I feel it in my bones... and my touring schedule. I'll be visiting Canberra and Sydney from the 11th - 15th of Feb and Brisbane from the 1st to the 4th of May - both of which are already starting to fill up, so get in asap if you'd like to meet me in your city. I've already booked and organised absolutely every detail for my next photo shoot in March - it's going to be DIVINEEEE - and in April, I'll be heading to Daylesford for a couple of days for a bunch of shoots that I've organsied a gorgeous location for. So, work-wise, things are looking very promising, if not a tad overwhelming at the onset, knowing that my schedule is already practically full for the next 6 months.

Alas, my new vibration wasn't all about hard work. In fact the biggest change I want to manifest is more play and new experiences doing things that I love. It's something lockdown really robbed all of us of and I really wish to reconnect with my surroundings. While it's something I will definitely be investing in on my own time, I think that's something you could help me with too. Of course, dates with lovers are still work in essence, but it's the nature of a date that can make it feel more akin to work or more like a fun break from the daily grind in front of my computer screen. 3 or 4 hours holed up together in the bedroom, while still blissful and amazing isn't quite as invigorating as a wonderful night out experiencing good food and entertainment before or after rolling around in the sheets... or going on a road trip together to go cherry picking and make out amongst the cherry trees before retiring to a lush hotel room, eating cherries off each other's bodies, and salaciously soaking in a beautiful big tub together. Heaven!

So, to give you some ideas on how to help me on this endeavour and in turn also help yourself to these wonderful experiences, here is a list of restaurants and activities that I especially want to experience with you in 2022!


Embla, CBD

Gourmet small plates & an extensive wine menu offered in an industrial-chic wine bar.

Victor Churchill, Armadale

An artisan butchery and grocer, complete with a curved marble dining counter from which to revel in a multi-sensory food experience.

Tedesca Osteria, Red Hill

A fixed menu dining experience based on Mornington Peninsula produce with a kitchen built around a wood fired oven & grill. Books out months in advance, so requires some planning.

Brae, Birregurra

Each day, the highest quality ingredients are carefully selected from Brae Farm’s own organic harvest, local farms and ethical, sustainable producers creating a daily set menu. Books out and requires planning.

IGNI, Geelong

A wood-fired grill, which has influence over each dish in a surprise set-course menu.

Lake House, Dayelsford

Modern, seasonal food matched with wines from one of Australia’s best wine lists.

Kazuki's, Carlton

Bringing the sensibility of his native Japan to a menu that sings with the best Australian produce, Chef Kazuki strives for balance and simplicity.

Lee Ho Fook, CBD

Clever Asian fusion meals and banquets, with yum cha brunch or dinner and vegan options.

Eureka 89, CBD

A delicious chef's tasting menu that also offers a specifically curated Vegetarian menu with the best views in Melbourne.


Picking cherries, berries and nuts

Lots of places on the Mornington Peninsula or in the Yarra Valley

Whisky tasting master class at Starward, Port Melbourne

There is no other whisky experience is like this, in the heart of Melbourne.

Lake House Spa, Daylesford

Perfect to relax and unwind before or after lunch or dinner at the Lake House Restaurant and a night in one of their gorgeous suites.

Van Gogh Exhibit, LUME, South Wharf

It wouldn't be right if I didn't experience this immersive Van Gogh experience before its run ends in June.

Moulin Rouge, Regent Theatre, CBD

One of my all time favourite productions is running until April.

It's not a fully inclusive list and I am definitely open to suggestions or revisiting some old favourites like Rockpool, Eau De Vie, Attica or more casual settings. At the end of the day the most important part is that we spend time together, reconnect with our city and have enjoyable experiences that will create lifelong memories. I want to be able to say, YES! I did that! It was amazing! And I know you do too. So why don't we in 2022?



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