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Being a Melbourne Escort During Lock Down 2.0

It took me two days to come up with more than "It's shit."

It's just... difficult to completely and coherently explain the range of complexities that surround the issue. Yes, it's legal to work, but do I really want to? Is it safe for me to do so in this climate? How should I go about doing that? How long will this go on for?

I've spent the entirety of the last few weeks trying to wrap my head around what the best way forward is going to be and all I've come up with is to just wait it out and watch the numbers and see a select few regulars that I trust with my health OR face the prospect of making my business practices "COVID-PROOF".

I'm not one to sensationalise, but this isn't just your regular flu. It's mutating at an alarming rate meaning a vaccine could be years away if not - as is the case with other corona viruses - decades away. People are reporting some 90 days after getting sick that they are still battling chronic fatigue and respiratory issues. Marathon runners are dying. Community transmission is spiraling out of control and there is evidence to suggest it's possibly airborne yet people still refuse to wear masks and socially distance. I see more and more people flouting the rules during this lock down than the last and hopes of reaching the 80% compliance needed to suppress the spread are bleak.

If I work and I get it, and don't die from it, could I afford to potentially take 3 months or more off work when JobKeeper that's keeping me afloat ends in September? I spent so much of the last lock down creating business and financial plans that I can't implement. What do I do with my frustration and feeling of stagnation in the meantime? While I am coping better than most, humans can only really handle about 6 months of a crisis before emotional fatigue sets in and the light at the end of the tunnel becomes almost too dim to see and harder to crawl your way towards especially if you have established mental health issues like depression and anxiety. I can't even begin imagine what it's like for all of the most marginalised people who didn't qualify for government stimulus, but if I'm stressed in my relatively privileged position, life could only be hell for them right now.

If I take the advice and wear a mask, gloves, no cash, hand sanitizer, multiple showers, doubling cleaning time, minimal touching, no kissing, only allow sex in doggy while worrying the entire time that I may get sick? What kind of clinical and unenthusiastic service would that be? That's not me and it's definitely not the service I have spent years marketing. Besides, what could I even charge for something like that? I don't want to charge less because I'm taking such a risk, but who would pay high end rates for something like that?

At my core, I am hopeful and optimistic that things will pass and return to relative normalcy by the end of the year, but damn, it's hard to be positive right now. I wish I could bury my head in the sand and not have to think about the potentials, but contingency plans require me to stay alert and aware. I have to ground myself otherwise the lack of control of the situation will drive me (even more) insane. It's exhausting. Consider how you can help sex workers in Melbourne right now. If you have seen them before or if you follow them on twitter and like any of their content, send them a monetary token of your appreciation and support without demanding any of their time. Offer to pay their food grocery bill for the month or contribute what you can to their rent, prebook and pay a deposit for a date once things smooth over etc. See my other blog about supporting sex workers during COVID for more ideas on how to show your support.

FOR THE LOVE OF FUCKING, PLEASE: Stay the fuck home. Wear a fucking mask. Wash your fucking hands. Socially fucking distance. Self isolate and get tested if you have any or have been in contact with anyone who has any fucking symptoms.

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