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A Melbourne Escort - Verification

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

"I would like to see your ID too to prove you're real" is something I often hear from individuals who think they're awfully clever and have managed to spot a hole in the veil of my alleged scam and beat me at my own game! HUZZAH! The reasons sex workers tend to keep their legal names and often faces or identifying tattoos private is not so that they can scam you, but because of the increased security and discrimination risk our community faces. We are often targets of stalking, harassment, hate crimes and violence. Many sex workers have been outed as sex workers to families and have had their jobs used against them in custody battles. We've even had our bank accounts shut down despite the fact that in this country (well most states) our job is perfectly legal.

In my case, I show my face and important people in my life know and are proud of the work I do, however for some people this can create some incredibly difficult and even dangerous situations. While many of us are proud of our jobs and aim to be the utmost professionals, and open-minded individuals like yourself do not see us as worthy of disrespect simply for choosing a career that suits us, the current stigma around being a sex worker poses risks to women who dare to engage in the industry. Please be mindful of this when asking workers who conceal identifying features to share face pictures and such with you before meeting. If you simply MUST see what their face looks like, book a face out worker. ​ That said, it does unfortunately happen that dodgy workers do run off with deposits or bait and switch providers (common with agencies) by sending a completely different person to the one in the ad. The best way to avoid this is to research your preferred escort before making contact. If they do not have at least one other verification method other than the ad you spot, such as social media accounts with organic tweets and pictures, or a personalised website that has had some thought put into the design and text, you might want to search for another worker who does. If it sounds too good to be true - for example, a worker offering the world for $200/h - it is definitely too good to be true. If you do not do your due diligence, you are at a higher risk of being scammed. Read more about researching your chosen escort and protecting yourself on my blog here! ​ For verification purposes I provide: ​ Verification Subsection A I have been verified across multiple platforms and advertising sites which each have their own methods of verification. One of the more popular sites for clients even has a collection of excellent testimonials written by lovers who have spent time with me.

Scarlet Blue | Dakota Dice | Tryst | Escortify | Ivy Societe

Verification Subsection B I make amateur porn and post nudes and videos to my OnlyFans which requires government issued photo ID for age verification and confirmation that the content you post is of you upon sign up as a performer. AND you can see me nude, playful and naughty! I also offer custom pictures and videos, so for as little as $50 you can individually verify me by ordering custom content. Check it out here

Verification Subsection C I update my twitter account which has accrued 24,000 followers since 2018 almost daily. My instagram with over 2,500 followers is also updated semi regularly. I've added tiktok to my social media repertoire and my while my account with 50,000 followers was sadly banned, I will aim to start again and create more content when I get time to do so.

Verification Subsection D My primary business venture Goddess Photography involves boudoir photography and other media services for other sex industry professionals. Some of whom are quite high profile and have given extremely high praise in their testimonials on twitter and instagram. (Side note: no, I do not see clients for photo shoots as part of goddess photography, but I do include an exhibitionist fantasy shoot at my current sex work rates plus $50/ea for edited images. Please do not attempt to work around this boundary and book me through my photography business in an attempt to satisfy any sexual curiosities at a cheaper rate, MANY have tried and I can spot it a mile away)

PLEASE NOTE: There are scammers out there who use the images of established sex workers to scam people into sending them deposits for fake bookings. I am aware there are several attempting this in my name and there is very little I can do to get them to stop as they keep creating new accounts when theirs get taken down. The only social media accounts I have are the ones linked here and I will never DM you to ask you to make a booking and I don't accept bookings via social media. The only way you can make a booking with me are if you contact me via the SMS, email and contact form on this website. I am not responsible for any losses if you are silly enough to fall for fake social media accounts.

You would be quite hard pressed to find a more verifiable escort. Unless you can also provide all of the above to screen for your session, your ID, proof of address or hotel booking confirmation and deposit will have to do in its place!

I hope this assures you of my authenticity!



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