A collection of general musings on industry related topics and resources for those who are learning to navigate the world of seeing escorts.

  • Venus Van Gogh

Welcome to my Sex Industry blog!

I'm awfully excited to begin keeping a blog of my general thoughts and musings on industry related issues and themes! My aim is for this blog to serve as a resource for both prospective clients and familiar ones too to gain a little insight into the sex worker's perspective! Some topics you can expect to be covered are: Sexual health & hygiene

Etiquette - before, during and after bookings

Time - you get what you pay for - the benefits of booking a longer affair

Building trust with your escort

Exploring your fantasies consensually

How to appropriately gift your escort

Burnout - and how you can help!

Basic anatomy

Escorts and their relationships

Things you do that bother your escort

Emotional labour

Strip clubs, brothels, and private workers - price points, expectations and pros and cons. Deposits, screening and how to avoid being scammed

+ many more! If there's a topic or question you would like me to cover, please feel free to submit in the comments or anonymously via my Curious Cat at

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