Prebooking Inscentive

UPDATE 03/04: Under stage 3 health directives all in person sex work in Victoria has been temporarily outlawed with large penalties for both providers and clients. All prebookings have been postponed and I will not be taking any bookings until those directives lift. In the meantime please see my Digital Goddess services and a link to my online pornographic content below.


My very limited availability makes same day bookings almost impossible, thus I offer lovers who take the time to plan and organise our rendezvous at least 24 Hours in advance generously inscentivised rates.


Prebooking rates

1hr + 2hrs Netflix $1000

Netflix & Chill

1.5hrs + 2hrs Netflix $1250

2hrs + 2hrs Netflix $1500

$300 per additional hour

Let's get it on with some hot steamy love making and then sink into each other with cuddles, pizza (or your favorite), and a 2hr movie or documentary. My idea of perfection.

I'm obsessed with sci-fi, fantasy and historical fiction and conspiracy, science, nature and food documentaries just to name a few things.

Meals at your expense

Netflix time is for netflix and non sexual cuddles only

Out calls may incur an additional fee

Social & Play

I'm always ready for a  good old fashioned wine, dine and 69! We can do this any which way you please. Connect with me over drinks, dinner, lunch, brunch, a show, a concert, a movie and then let's race back to yours or mine and devour each other!  OR If you're the type who gets hungry after a steamy work out - I know I am - let's turn up the heat first and then relax over a meal.


I'm a true chameleon for any occasion and feel at home in both fine dining, up market establishments as well as your favourite hole in the wall restaurant or dive bar.


A 2hr+2hr social and play date is my most popular first date option!

I'm a very open minded eater with no restrictions or allergies. My favourite cocktail is a Charlie Chaplin - sweet, tangy and delicious, like me! - but I also enjoy a nice glass of red wine, sparkling, or craft beer.  I'm more than happy to enjoy your company over a coconut chai latte or iced tea if you don't drink.

Prebooking rates

A cocktail in your hotel bar, perhaps...?

1hr + 1hr $1050

1.5 hrs + 1.5 Hrs $1300

A delicious meal... and then dessert...

2hrs + 2hrs $1500

$300 per additional hour

Note: Meals & Activities at your expense

The Naked Chef

A glorious home-cooked brunch, lunch or dinner...

4hrs $2000

$300 Per Additional Hour

A longer affair...

8Hrs $3000

Extended daytime/evening date - no sleep required. 1am latest finish.

Overnight $3500

Minimum 6 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep

24hrs $5250

Minimum 8 hours beauty sleep/personal time

Weekend $7000

Minimum 8 hours beauty sleep/personal time per day

Confession time: I'm not really a chef and I don't cook completely naked - safety first! Nudity comes after - but I do really love to cook and would love to share the joyous experience of creating something delicious with or for you! I take pleasure in seeking out locally sourced ingredients from farmer's markets and small businesses and expressing myself creatively by glancing at recipes and then throwing the rule book out. You can see just some of my creations on my Twitter. I'm not intimidated by anything, from the simple and hearty to fine and fancy, light and fresh to gloriously indulgent. I'm more than happy to accommodate requests, allergies and requirements and teach you a few tricks - or learn a few myself.

Pricing is structured to include ingredients for 2-3 courses and a bottle of wine or sparkling for us to share - or your favourite if you don't drink alcohol. My suggestion is that we split our time up starting with food prep, then get naked and work up an appetite, then apply the finishing touches and feast before some parting kisses and cuddles. There's no strict time split for kitchen/bedroom activities but please do take preparation and cooking time into account when making requests or choosing the length of booking if you would prefer to focus more on bedroom fun. On 8hr dates I'm happy to prepare lunch and/or dinner and on overnight dates I'm happy to organise dinner and/or breakfast! All meals snacks and drinks are included in the 24 hr and weekend packages.

This is a prebooking only experience. Please allow at least a week's notice to give me time to create a menu and source ingredients.

Prebooking rates

In call

1 hour $650

1.5 hours $950

2 hours $1100

3 hours $1500

out call

1 hour $700

1.5 hours $1000

2 hours $1150

3 hours $1500

Out call fees are applicable at my discretion depending on distance, booking length and parking. Some bookings in Melbourne's inner-north may not require an out call fee. Further travel fees may apply for outer suburbs. On Tour the out call minimum is 2hrs.

Want more?

$300 per additional hour

8 hours $2500

Extended daytime/evening date - no sleep required. Mix of public or private social time and bedroom time. 1am latest finish.

overnight $3000

Minimum 6 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep

The Goddess Experience

 I've made it my mission to bring all the elements of a familiar and long term connection to a one of a kind, immersive, and mind blowing goddess experience where nothing feels forced or fake. Just you and me passionately and organically exploring each others body and mind.

What I possess in world class education, I double in degenerate and debaucherous desires. While I love a little vanilla ice cream I'm also a woman of many appetites and enjoy a extra chilli in my salsice and love to devour my canoli with extra cream.

With me, we go with the flow and do what feels good at the time. I'm not a PSE, GFE or Kink provider, but perhaps a healthy mix of all three. I'm very happy to accommodate requests, however if you're looking to tick off a bunch of  things from your bucket list for the sake of doing so, I'm not the woman for you. I appreciate lovers who see me as a person who they want to have fun with, rather than a plaything to use and do whatever they want to. I don't charge for extras as you are paying for my time, not particular services.  

Just so you can determine if I'm the one for you, I have included a list of some of the things I'm open to exploring at my discretion here

24 hours $4500

Minimum 8 hours beauty sleep/personal time

Weekend/48hrs $6000

Minimum 8 hours beauty sleep/personal time per day

Please note: To be at her best this goddess does require food every 4hrs or so, so please keep that in mind when booking 3hrs+. All meals are at your expense.

Please note: Rates are for the time we spend together in the prearranged booking. This does not include unrelated SMS, emails, phone calls or skype calls beyond the parameters of making a booking unless we have already established a long term and regular arrangement. If you would like to spend time engaging with me before or in between our bookings please consider my Exclusive packages or if you would like to know or see more about me please head to or for pictures and videos which will definitely help to build that sweet anticipation or give you a little fix between visits.