Out Calls To Hotels: You will need to supply the hotel booking confirmation showing your full name. If for some reason you are unable to supply the above, your photo ID showing your full name and photo will suffice.

Out Calls to Residences: You will need to supply a bill showing your full name and the address I will be meeting you at. If for some reason you are unable to supply the above your photo ID showing your full name, address and photo will suffice.


Meeting at my location: Your photo ID showing your full name and picture is required. No exceptions.


TOURS: Your email & phone number for in calls. A bill showing your full name and the address I will be meeting you at for out calls to residences.

My screening policy applies to all clients. There are no exceptions. While I understand that there are numerous reasons why a client may not feel comfortable supplying personal information, please understand that I place my emotional and physical safety in your hands by allowing you into my personal space and giving you access to my body. I don't care if you're married or the prime minister, everyone screens and I have a vested interest in keeping your information safe to protect my professional reputation. I am happy to sign an NDA if necessary. My screening is my insurance policy to merely protect myself and ensure that any funny business can be held accountable to the full extent of the law. If it were your daughter, sister, friend etc in my position, you would want them to be as safe as possible and I ask that you extend the empathy and humanisation that you would to anyone you care about to myself and the sex work community.


If you need more info as to why I screen and how your information is safe with me, please click the link below to my blog!


Melbourne: A non-refundable deposit. The exact percentage required is at my discretion upon booking.

Tours:  50% non-refundable deposit is required for all tour bookings.

Fly Me To You: Non-refundable 50% of the entire booking fee plus full flight, travel & accommodation costs is required for all Fly Me to You bookings.

Deposits are a requirement for all bookings. Please do not contact me if you are not ready to pay your deposit IMMEDIATELY. You will be given a very reasonable deadline between 1hr and 12hrs depending on the speed of our interactions. I set deadlines for deposits because I cannot simply wait on your word for several days in order for you to commit to your booking and lose out on other opportunities in the meantime. Your booking will not be secure and I will not begin my preparations to meet you until that deposit has cleared in my account.


Deposits are non-refundable unless I must cancel due to illness or emergency. Please see the full policy linked below.

My deposit requirement works in tandem with my screening requirements to ensure that you value my time, safety and comfort. The options I have provided are both discreet and convenient.

The options available are:

BeemitInstant. Anonymous. Bank statement shows "BEEMIT.COM.AU". Address to VenusVanGogh

Prezzee standard smart e-gift card - Accepts Credit Card. Do not select a store. The standard prezzee card which I can convert is the only one I will accept. Address to

Commonwealth Smart ATM - Can be done with complete anonymity and cash with no wire trace. The most discreet option.

Online bank transfer is available at my discretion with at least 7 working days in between you making your deposit and our date.


As one of Australia's most verifiable escorts, you can rest assured that I am a real person, I am exactly who I say I am, the age I advertise, and look like my pictures. With several social media accounts, a facial recognition software verified onlyfans, verification across multiple advertising platforms, as well as a well-known industry adjacent photography and media services business, you'll be hard pressed to find anyone else in the industry who can be verified as well as I can.

Don't believe me? I have written a blog post with appropriate links for you to verify all I have mentioned!