Social Distancing Dates

With changes to restrictions we're able to meet for a 2 hour socially distanced catch-up outdoors within 5km of our houses. This means we can find a half way meeting point between us if you're within 10km of Coburg or we can do Coburg Lake if you're close enough. We have the option of either going for a stroll together or perhaps grabbing a take away coffee, OR I'd love to spoil you with a beautiful picnic spread and charcuterie board. This is a great opportunity to touch base and get to know each other before deciding whether to take the next step or to break up the dreariness of lock down.


We must wear masks when we're not eating or drinking and this is a strictly non-contact date. Walking or coffee dates available from 9:30am - 6pm and picnic dates available from 12pm - 6pm.

Please email with your name, suburb, requested date, time and preferred option. Screening in the form of your phone number and either a bill showing your full name and suburb or photo ID and a 50% deposit is required. Please allow at least 24hrs notice for walking or coffee dates and at least 72hrs notice for picnic dates so I can source ingredients.

Social Distance date $300

Social Distance PICNIC $400

Champagne +$100

Just to give you a taste of  what I can do with a charcuterie board for 1. Check out more of my mouthwatering creations below!