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Touring Rates

In call

out call

1 hour $750

2 hours $1250

1.5 hours $1100

2 hours $1200

3 hours $1550

3 hours $1500

Additional Hours + $300/h

Dining Dates

1.5 hours Dining + 1.5 Hours private $1350

2 hours Dining + 2 Hours private $1600

Additional Hours + $300/h

Extended Dates

10 hours Day and Evening $3000

No sleep required. Midnight latest finish.

12 Hour Overnight $3500

6-8 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep required.

15 Hour Overnight $4000

6-8 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep required.

24 hours $5000

6-8 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep/personal time required.

Upcoming Tours

Below you can find out where I'll be situated over the coming months. I tour for both my escorting business and my photography business at the same time so my tours book out weeks and months ahead. It is essential that you get your deposit in ASAP as I will only book my flights and accommodation with enough time for the bookings secured with deposits 4-6 weeks before the planned dates.


If you require me to extend my tour for you after I have already booked, the cost of flight changes and/or additional accommodation may be applicable depending on the duration of your booking.

I only tour the East Coast. Other cities around Australia require a fly me to you booking.

I only take prebookings for tours. You must book at least 72hrs in advance or I will be too busy to address your inquiry.




MAR 22

7-11pm remaining

MAR 23