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Wish List

Gifts are neither required nor expected, however being spoiled and adored turns me on like nothing else. Here are some hints as to what I lust after.  If you'd like to spoil me from afar I have created a wish list on wish tender to make things nice and easy or I would love if you brought some treats to share during out date . Do note wish tender does charge you additional fees, so if you'd like to send your gift to me directly, my beem is VenusVanGogh or get in touch for my bank details.

What to bring

To share...

Wine - Red or sparkling (Pol Roger or Bollinger are my favourites)
Spirits - Plymouth Sloe Gin or Whiskey (Lagavulin 8 is one of my favourites, but I would love to try your favourites too!)
Something Hot -  Spiced Chai with coconut milk. No sugar.
Something Sweet - Cheesecake, Village Bakery cherry danishes, or anything filled with custard or cream
Something Savoury - Charcuterie, Coffin Bay Oysters, Will Studd Selection Brillat-Savarin Affine


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